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Lisez l'avis sur l'efficacité des plaques de Koltsov du célèbre guérisseur et auteur du livre "Les guérisseurs russes: Comment renforcer les processus de régénération de votre organisme", Tom Peter Rietdorf ici.

The following testimonials were published in a Facebook group of users Functional State Correctors in France. I have taken these publications, without indicating the names of the authors. I hope that sharing this experience will be useful to you.

I had uterine fibroids that gave me pelvic pain. Being against-medicaments person I have decided to use Koltsov plates as my friend advised me. Have been using the Koltsov plates № 1, 2, 3, 5 for a year following the instructions from user manual. An ultrasound scan this January didn’t show any pathology in my uterus. Amazing! During the use I experienced better sleep, good stable mood. When a tooth ache caused an inflammation of a lymph node, I applied the FSC №2 for two days, and it was gone.

It's been seven months since I've been living with FSC No1 and No2. I bought them at the beginning with the primary purpose to fight against my electrosensitivity, which really prevented me from working at my desk in front of the computer (without WLAN of course). Before my encounter with the Koltsov plates, the Internet connection (via cable) increased all my symptoms, such as the acceleration of the heart rate, pain in the right arm and in the whole right side of the body, headaches and concentration difficulties. By wearing the FSC on my body, all these inconveniences have been reduced dramatically. I simply slide the plate into my bra, as my clothes rarely have pockets on the right side. If I work in front of my computer and forget the plate, the symptoms of electrosensitivity return almost immediately. I had previously tried many procedures to protect myself from the electromagnetic waves. I find the effectiveness of the functional state correctors to be absolutely incomparable to anything I could find in this area. 

I think I made the right decision when I bought the Koltsov plates. It was a friend of mine who told me about them, she doesn’t have a lot of money. Back then, there were only the blue series plates, and she already had all of them. And I remember to be very sceptic about her spending the whole salary for such things. The thing that really made me buy them though was the fact that soon she changed completely and was not that tired and unhealthy woman any more. I thought, that must be autosuggestion, but when her husband, who didn’t believe or know anything, stopped complaining about the pain in his joints, began to sleep well and his blood pressure dropped significantly, I decided to buy at least one of those plates. I began with the FSC №2 (detox). This is a universal plate, that’s why the water could be structured for the whole family. The first thing I noticed was the purification of the body. Then I bought a pendant, which is always with me. I feel better and have more power. The advantages stated by the manufacture company Center Region are all true. Now I bought some more Koltsov plates. I would like to wish all people: believe, get better and buy the right things!

I’d like to say that I am a real FSC user, have been using them for 3 years now. When my mom decided to buy her first Koltsov plate, I didn’t believe all that, but wanted to try. The result came immediately: I used to have serious sleep problems, but once I put a plate under my pillow, they were gone, I even started to have dreams, what had never happened before. I also had another problem – an allergy to animal hair, and the plates helped me quite quickly with this one as well.

I can tell you a story that happened to me: I twisted an ankle, my foot swelled and I couldn’t walk. Next day I had to go to work. I just tied my Koltsov plate to my ankle and walked around like this the whole day. On the next morning I thought I would jump for joy)))

I agree that they don’t help everybody, we are all different people and they might not be always that efficient. But it’s also about how you use them – if you think you buy a plate and you are healthy in no time, you are wrong. You have to really apply them, charge water, to work with chakras.

I learned about the Koltsov Plates at a conference, where a doctor showed the examples of the influence of functional state correctors on humans with the GDV camera. The effects were amazing: only after a few minutes of carrying the plates, the aura gets even, and you can actually feel your body start to reorganize in some way. Though I didn’t have any health issues, I bought two Koltsov plates without even thinking twice, so I was impressed. By now, I’ve lost 5 kg,  have improved my efficiency at work, I feel so much radiant joy that everybody give me the complement. Just a super product!  Can only recommend it.

I had my plate tested by a bioenergotherapist, he used the KANO bioresonance device. I applied the plate for 45 minutes – the result was amazing, the computer proved it. My biofield improved, my neck bones got better. I’m a professional driver with over 30 years’ experience, and I have chronical neck issues, I’m always in pain…

Now I use two plates daily, I structure water, work with chakras and carry them with me. My neck doesn’t bother me anymore, there’s no more crackle from calcination when I turn the head, and the head rotation became wider. I also feel much more relaxed and calm.

I had a breast lump and I was going to have an operation. A friend of mine lend me her Koltsov plate number 3 and advised to hold the plate at the chest all the time and to drink a lot of structured water. First the lump grew, and it was very scary, but the date for the operation was already set. So I decided not to panic and wait… At the pre-surgery meeting my doctor was surprised by the fact, that the lump became softer. I’m terrified by hospitals so I was glad to have my surgery postponed. I gave the plate back to my friend and bought Koltsov plates number 1, 2 and 3 instead. It’s been a month now that the lump has gone. For me, it’s an amazing result. My gynecologist was so interested by my case of “strange” healing  and the products I used that she have ordered Koltsov plates for herself.

Been using the Koltsov plates for 4 months already. In the beginning, I just carried the plate №3 in my purse, didn’t notice any result though. I was kind of upset about buying some more useless stuff, but my nutritionist explained me something about parasites and I added the plate №1 to obtain desired result. And only after a month of wearing it each day, I actually noticed, that my fat shrunk, though my weight remained the same. My belly got sort of pumped up. On top of all I got rid of the head ache and heartburn which bothered me almost every day.  Now when the ice broke up as they say, I’m on my way – I lost 6 kg by now. Great stuff, I’m very happy about it.

Hello, I would like to share my experience with the two lilac plates 10 and 12. It is certain that the “Healthy sleep” plate works very well for me, the results are quite impressive:

- Better quality of sleep

- Fewer sleep interruptions

- More dreams

- Better protection against parasitic waves such as wifi, among other things.

The other, "Healthy joints" is less incredible in terms of pain relief for a joint - rheumatic problem. On the other hand, it also targets the flexibility of the mind and spirit;)

They are very good complements to other approaches to personal development and well-being.

Hey, I've been buying FSC for a year now, I started by purchasing FSC 2 and HEALING: I noticed an improvement with the FSC HEALING for back problems, tension and for the FSC 2 it was less perceptible. After that, I bought the FSC Fortune: I was stressed and was finding it hard to handle everything on a professional plan. There was a delicate period, when my negative thoughts were  provoking more tension issues. The mirror effect or the law of attraction. I've noticed that the FSC Fortune, helps a lot with small issues, I'll note on a piece of paper a list of all of my intentions, my goals which I place on the FSC and I let it do it's thing for a few days and it works great. I then bought the FSC 1 & 5, drunk structured water and carry them around in my pockets. The blue series was for me less efficient, I was sick this year in January with the flu and stomach bug. I didn't notice any significant changes, even when I was drinking the structured water. I'm still sceptical and curious however about the product, I did notice some physical changes more so than psychological. The FSC Indi acts more on the moral side of things, relaxation and well-being on the endocrine system. It also acts well on flowers and plants, a bouquet of flowers lasts a lot longer and my cat loves drinking the water…

I've been using FSC for almost 6 months now, (following the advice of my counsellor whom I would like to thank). I have 5 koltsov plates at the moment. I carry around permanently the FSC Amarante and Olguir with which I have an intimate relationship. I notice improvements everyday of my general form. In June, I acquired the FSC Fortune, which I found difficult to get used to at the beginning. However, it is proven to be very useful to my relative with its work, it allowed him to move past an embarrass situation and accelerated an ongoing procedure to retrieve an important document.

My "youngest child" is the FSC Extra ENT to which I owe the disappearance of a sinusitis that had been rotting my life for months. I also noticed an improvement in breathing, especially at night. A big thank you to all the pocket healers that I can't live without now.

Following my intuition and bought the FSC Fortune. I am a commercial bee-keeper & at the market that day I had put the FSC in my pocket. Sure, I sold a lot, but what I felt that day was almost unbearable. I took it out of my pocket and decided to carry it from time to time. A month later, I bought the FSC4.

For 3 months, I carried both the FSC 4 & fortune in my pockets, I must admit that I felt more the advantages of FSC Fortune which gave formidable results (Winning gambling games, victory in a trial, improvement at home, etc ) I am amazed. For your information, I drink structured water by FSCs everyday. I follow the FSC Fortune protocol each day, apart from on weekends. I clean the chakras and take an energy recharge exercise at least twice a day.

To conclude, I am satisfied with my FSCs, Have a great day!

I have the FSC 2 & Fortune, I always carry them with me:

FSC 2: I notice that the elimination organs work better because I have lots of pimples on my forehead and also the dark urns. My children also urinate dark with smells, signed that the garbage comes out. I feel a little more tired, I think precisely because the whole body is getting back into function.

For the FSC fortune, it calms down at the family relationship level and also a great opportunity to do the work I want.

“Which FSC is best for anxiety? Hypersensitivity?”

 Anti cataclysm is really good for that, I tested it on a shopkeeper who was assaulted by her neighbour and created the scandal in her store. I made him drink structured water and immediately put the FSC Anticataclysm on the heart chakra. In the minutes she was surprised to see her tachycardia calm down and absolute calm returned. When just before, once this mad man had left, she had started to shake, hyper ventilation, uncontrollable tears and the fear that had invaded her. It all stopped in a minute.

I work in a passive mode with my FSC Fortune. I needed it and it definitely paid off this year. From time to time, I'll take it in my hands in prayer mode and I'll speak with a loud voice and conviction. Then I'll leave it for a few days. My FSC16, I have placed it in the centre of my altar. I take it in my hands everyday and speak to it. I feel very calm and serine with it.. Please understand that the altar is not linked to a religion but a place in my house where I concentrate on energy and meditation.

Otherwise I have the FSC Nephritis. I also felt the need to put it as a compress on my pelvis and lower back. The results were immediate, but I must point out that I alternate it with FSC No. 4. … Finally, I have four FSCs, and I am fully satisfied with them and I must admit that it is a good investment. My next FSC will be fsc Clear Vision.

I give you my opinion... EXCELLENT!!! A thousand thanks for existing... we started on the 1st and 2nd with a lot of doubts... then we had to wait because it's not instantaneous but what a success on our health! We have 11 functional state correctors now... for the last two years we've been buying them... and even my mother is being offered because she can't afford to take care of herself... she's also delighted ❤

A while ago, I mentioned that we weren't seeing any results with the FSC 12 and I was hesitation to buy the FSC 8. Since then, without any objective reason, I put the FSC 16 and Love (green series) under my pillow.. My sleep has completely changed, a lot calmer and restful, most of the time, I'll fall asleep quickly. This prove that there is no rule for everybody, you just need to follow your instincts and change if it doesn't work out.

I received the FSC 2 two days ago early afternoon, & my intention was already clear, aimed and determined: This tool would work for me and without delay. I started by structuring the water and drunk a litre, that night, I held the FSC half an hour on my plexus by using an elastic band... Then I went to sleep next to it.

Around 5 o'clock in the morning (That's my usual rhythm), I put it on my plexus ¾ of an hour then attached it on the water pipes for 30 mins before having a shower. … Since then, I drink 2 litres of structured water per day and I feel like I'm living again. To keep it short, I've been suffering for years and it especially got worse over the past 20 months, global abdominal discomfort accompanied with regular sharp pains that could hit my organs but mostly my intestine. There wasn't a moment in the day where I didn't feel pain. However, since yesterday I don't feel any pain and the discomfort has almost disappeared, this has allowed to focus more on my personal goals (Health, lightness, confort). I could even have normal meals (Vegetarian and gluten free). This means that I could have non-dissociated nutriments without feeling any pain! I definitely recommend this FSC as it has benefited me in numerous ways and I'm going to buy other plates!

Hello, I'd like to share my experience with my FSC 12. During a stressful time, I was finding it very difficult to sleep and I would wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. I was very tired and on edge, so I tried the corrector 12 healthy sleep. It's fabulous! I meditated with it for 15 minutes before going to bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep. I woke up the next day at 9 am! Really well rested! Since this experience, I only sleep with the fsc12 and it helps me a lot to get a good night rest, unless it's full moon...

The FSC Fortune is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! The FSCs are beneficial companions for us, you have nothing to worry about from them, they are all admirable. The more I learn about them, the more I'm passionate about them. Whether the use is in passive mode, i. e. without opening the channels or in active mode with opening; the FSCs all work. Mr Koltsov speaks about it in a video posted by a reseller. As Nikolas Tesla said, if you want to understand the universe, think in frequencies, waves & energies and we are all on this planet of multiverse in a Universe. We emit frequencies, waves and energy so the FSC captures the waves around it. The active mode accelerates the specificity of the user's request but this does not mean that in passive mode it does not work.

FSCs 1 and 2: I received these FSCs mid January … Something very curious happened to me and I'm sure it's because of the Koltosov plates. I did a one day internship in kinesiology at the end of January and the teacher was coughing a lot, he had some type of cold. 2 days later, I was coughing too, when I get the flu, I cough from a few days to a week and then I start coughing yellow fluids when my immune system does it's job. To my surprise, after 3 days, I wasn't coughing anymore, and wasn't coughing up yellow fluids! Disappeared! Gone! This has never happened to me before and it was almost funny because the FSC has this faculty to neutralise viruses... Or thats what they say, and this time it worked!

Recently, I received the FSC 12, to get rid of my sleeping problems I sleep much better with it.

I use two Koltsov plates “Healing” and n2 for a month. The pain in the joints that used to plague me in autumn is gone. Feel healthy with a lot of energy.

I did a solar energy recharge exercise which had an extraordinary result, in fact, my back had been hurting since 3 weeks ago which was making me really tired. After visiting my osteopath twice, the pain was less intense but still there and the fatigue was still present., so I decided to try the energy recharge exercise yesterday afternoon for 15 minutes, after the exercise, my back wasn't hurting and I was in dazzling shape. My voice which is cracked when I am tired went back to normal, I couldn't believe it. Try it out and tell me if you have the same results.

I started with the FSC 1, 2 and 5, then moved on to the 16, 12 and 3, and I just bought them for Christmas. We are more than satisfied! I was having big problems with my periods, I was gaining weight, I didn't feel at ease in my body, until I bought the FSC 3, since my body has changed, my periods are more harmonious and I feel more feminine. I am deeply satisfied, my husband and three year old son are also following the “treatment”  with the Koltsov plates. And it works!! Thank you FSC!!

I'm usually really speed but now with the FSC 1 and 2, I'm a lot more relaxed and less hyper! I've also noticed that I'm sleeping a lot better.

At the beginning I bought 3 FSCs, 2, 3 and 5 and shortly after the FSC 1, Love, the FSC 17 (Rebirth)  and Fortune. I work a lot with 1,2,3 and 5 but I have also made changed to my diet, no more salt, or maybe just a little from time to time, and I try to eat raw whenever I can. I also drink a lot of structured water, and I rotate all the FSCs, I think it's the combination all these factors together work.  I went to see my homeopath and acupuncture practitioner yesterday and he said that some things had moved in me. I had hypotension, I went up to 18, I was very surprised that my tension was good.

I'm sharing with you my feelings regarding the FSC indi which I've had with me since Friday 13/04. It's very powerful, I'm nauseous and bit dizzy since a few days. All I do is drink the structured water and wait to see if I feel any better. I am a bit out of it without really knowing why... A lot questions regarding my place in life... Anyway, I'm out of whack but I know it’s temporary and that it will get better. 

Since mid November 2017, I've been using the functional correctors 1, 2 and 3

I'm starting to feel the positive effects, the cleaning was difficult with a mega indigestion at the end of December. I love recharging morning and evening, I yawn and my eyes in tears. I just bought the FSCs 12, 16 and 20. I can't wait to get them, I've had insomnia for years, I hope the FSC 12 can help me.

I've tested FSCs and compared the them to my old methods (Tap water passed in a distillation then put in a blue bottle with flower of of life and diamond water, put on a magnet, which is already magnificent, it vibrates at 4000 percent.

Tap water with the FSC vibrated at 8000 percent.  Thanks FSC less work and better results!

A small testimony: I couldn't gain any weight and since an illness I had lost 3 kgs. Since January, I gained 3kg back and I am super happy and some people do want to gain weight! The FSC have improved my metabolism, I can't tell you which FSC because I was trying more than one at the same time. I use my intuition to choose them or to take a pause. Of course, I still work on myself in parallel in terms of emotions but the FSC help a lot with the physical aspect of things. Good luck to everyone!

Hello, quick return on “natural antibiotic” and “live water”. I had a very painful bronchitis that started on Friday night. I was stuck in bed on Saturday, every 2 hours, I took water structured by fsc “natural antibiotic” and “live water” and at night by the FSC 2 with fsc Tuning fork. This morning I am completely recovered. I know from experience that when I get sick I often have complications and it takes me about ten days to recover. But fully recovered in 48 hours!

All the necessary ingredients for a return to health with the FSCs: patience and perseverance. The FSC aren't the panacea, they also require nutritional and mental corrections. The energy recharge exercises help me a lot: my energy circulates better around the whole body, if I wake up during the night or early in the morning, I go back to sleep or recover depending on the case.

I can assure you that the FSCs are efficient. I had a heart disease, I used the FSC 9 and 2 near my heart on my chest and the pain ceased. My frequent headaches went away.

So, our whole family uses them, especially my mother who can't get enough because even her joints aren't making her suffer anymore and she feels a lot stronger.

My name is Viviane and I'm 56 years old. I just had the opportunity to try the FSC1 and 2 that I borrowed from a friend. My legs don't hurt me anymore at night. I sleep very well. My friend lent them to me because I was suffering from a cymose under my breasts, Today, I found that my skin has definitely improved under my breasts. And I'm happy that I lost 1 kg1 I really didn't expect these results! 

FSC 1, 2, 4 -3 months

I noticed the changes in my general state after the 3rd week of using them. Knee pains from walking up and down stairs have diminished, gastric nocturnal pains have disappeared, I approve the feeling of lightness and well-being particularly after the energy recharges exercises.

Hello, I possess the FSC Fortune and Success since around 6 months, I've put them one next to the other, and I structure water and tea with them and drink it throughout the day. For me it had a magical effect, I have never been more active, a year ago I was close to bankruptcy.

I do energy recharge exercise in the morning when I wake up, I use 4 FSCs at the same time, I don't time it and sometimes I fall back asleep! Otherwise, sometimes I manage to stay 15 to 20 minutes as I feel completely present in my body. I feel really good when the energy passes throughout my body.


I started last month with FSC Sacred Cave, I didn't really know how to use it so I put it aside until I read reviews, that's when I decided to start to use it again.  I also bought FSC n3 and started to do energy recharge exercise. After multiple years of taking drugs and diverse plants, from one day to the next I can sleep! So I finally bought 1 and 2 and now I want to sleep all day.

Small testimony: The energy recharge exercise of the chakras with the FSC is helping me incredibly. Little by little, I feel centered in the Hara as if everything was shining, I have a lot more energy in my feet and my head stop to think because my spirit is focused on the vibration in the lower parts of my body. Very relaxing, I recommend using functional state correctors before sleeping to get a good nights rest.

When it comes to the recharge, there was a change, before, I used to feel pain when the energy travelled through my shoulder but now I don't feel any pain because the energy is circulating more freely. In fact, my should is now more flexible.

Precisions on FSC Synchronisation and INDI: Both excellent, the 18 literally changed my life in about a month and a half,. I became happy, positive, energetic, and lots of opportunities came to my life. When it comes to INDI, that I've had a while, there is a deep link between it and me. It helps me with love, and has also helped on a hormonal level.

The FSC 1 and 2 healed me from a staph aureus in my nose that I'd had for a while but didn't know. As soon as took FSC 1 in my hands and felt a horsepower when two days before I would have been laying in bed. 2 weeks later, I did some tests and I no longer had staph aureus. The 1 also helped with chronical constipation, which means you have to use the toilet every 5 mins...

My digestive problems which had tormented me for decades have disappeared. I feel healthier and have more energy when I use the N1 and 2 functional state correctors. I have less mood swings too.

The FSC are a little like galactic portals... It tunes in to certain frequencies. The fact of speaking to your FSC proves your need for them and the Universe will happily respond. For me, the FSC Fortune works.

My husband bought FSC n4 and he gained weight, and that's what he wanted so we are really happy with our FSCs.

After 5 months of using fsc number 1 and 2, which I believe saved my life, I think that the sole usage of  isn't enough & that the cure lies within a global and holistic approach (diet, sport, conscience, etc...)

Hello, I just want to share my concrete results with the FSCs 1 and 2, my mother aged 92 doesn't have a urinal infection anymore which she has had repetitively. I also bought her the FSC “Lake Danivolo” for her intestinal problems. To be continued…

I use FSC 1 and 2 for about 10 days now, and the changes are already visible! The cleansing of parasites, pains have disappeared. I carry the FSC n 1 around with me from morning to around 5 pm, and then I carry the 2 from 5 pm to when I sleep (All night).

I tested these FSC with the pendulum, the vibratory rate varies from 10000 to 40000 bovis units. There is indeed a positive frequency or energy that emerges from these correctors that has an impact on the human body and on the mind and emotions.

Sincerely, I would recommend the bracelet since my mother wears it, it seems like she has become a younger person. I don't know if it's the sports that she plays, she is 70 years old so in any case she is very pleased :) I think I might get one too.

I'm not gaining any weight, quite the opposite, my period was super painful, with my FSC 3, I don't even take any paracetamol and I was on anti-biotics. This last photo was 1 month ago, I'm even thinner now, I haven't changed anything in my diet.

Hello... After 9 months of use, I am in remission from lyme disease...

I am enchanted, But you shouldn't be discouraged because you go through difficult times sometimes... That is worth it!

Hello, FSC 16 Anti-stress is a little diamond in my opinion.

After 5 months of use, FSC N°1, N°2 and 3 allowed me to cure a disease that had been bothering me for many years.  I learned to drink structured water and make energy recharge exercises :)

Futhermore, people were making compliment on my body. Thanks! :) I am very happy!

I witnessed very powerful results with the FSC Restart-cleaning and Restart-filling, by putting the FSC on my body on different zones every minute. This brings you to a liberating dream and sets you free. The FSCs reach their full potential when they are used regularly on a daily basis.

I’ve been carrying the kolstov plates for a month and a half. Yesterday I looked in the mirror and I was shocked by what I saw. The black marks that I've had under my knee for 5 years had vanished. A huge thank you

I use FSCn 2. It is very efficient against migraines.

Thank you for your advice.

FSC 3: I've lost a few Kgs that I haven't regained yet.

Very strong pains in the bottom of my back have gone with the FSC Anti-cataclysm, pure happiness!

The FSC 16, Anti-stress: Very efficient, my 2 marijuana neighbours moved out after 2 weeks. 

My 3 year old son enjoys his FSC Healthy generation, he drinks structured water and carries it around with him whenever he can. He sleeps with it underneath his sheets and that's his choice. 

FSC number 3: Excellent! I was having the issues  with my face while going through menopause. Nothing now! I even recovered my line.

I bought the FSC N 20, I've had it for one month and it works, moments of fullness.

FSC 1, 2, 3, 6, 21, LOVE

I've decided to write to you to thank you for convincing me to buy FSC

After our long conversation over the phone that lasted about 1 hour, I decided to close my eyes to the price because I understood how it would benefit my personal life.

But even after ordering it, I started to regret believing your words.


Even if it was my best friend who advised me to buy the FSCs (because since she has been using the FSCs she keeps complimenting them) I have always had a doubt about their effectiveness.


My long depression didn't leave me time to see the bright side of life everything seemed grey, sad and false and seeing happy people annoyed me.


I lived alone in a small apartment with my sick dad who moans constantly, and who is also depressive. I have a boring job and I find my surroundings boring too. Routine and repetitive events make me depressed.


Then on a beautiful day I decided to throw my money out the window, to buy your so-called "magical" plates. After receiving the package, I spent two days without opening it with the desire to send it back to get my money back by telling myself that I had made a mistake. But curiosity got the better of me.


To start with I just drunk the structured water from FSC 2  and on the 4th day I woke up with a strange feeling. I wouldn't say I was feeling happier or more motivated but more pleased.

So I read and reread the product description on the box and I remembered when you told me about the solar energy recharge exercise.


I decided to try it, I put the FSCs around me to form a triangle and sat in the middle and thought about life for 10 minutes or so. And did that for the whole week each day. It's only on the 8th day that I noticed that my thoughts on life had changed from grey to neutral.


After that, I decided to prolong my sessions to 15 to 20 minutes. As I couldn't meditate, I counted backwards from 1000 to help me concentrate.


During all this time I decided to listen to my inner self, to understand what people saw in me, Slowly but surely, the negative thoughts were replaced with neutral and serine thoughts, I gained confidence in myself, a strange joy feeling appeared and I started to smile again. After that a lot of strange events happened like in the films.


I won't bore you with the details, but in conclusion after 10 months of usage, I changed jobs, houses, got rid of digestive problems, found the man of my dreams, and went on a cruise and fell pregnant, all of which made me happy.

My dad is also using the correctors especially the FSC n 2, he said it takes away pain, even at night he keeps it with him. He is taking less medication and is more agile and the craziest thing is that he doesn't complain about life.

If you like, you can publish my testimony on your website, but please leave my name out of it. Maybe my story will help others.

I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart.

Excellent FSCs, I lost a lot of kilos, you need to drink a lot of water and recharge regularly and it works magic.

Only the FSCs helped me! For many years, each month of October has started for me in the same way:

  • Sore throat

  • The watery eyes

  • No fever but chills.

  • Blocked and runny nose

This is despite the fact that I have constantly strengthened my immune system by taking various food supplements: grapefruit seed extract, spirulina etc....

It was only by using FSCs 1, 2 and 5 that I finally managed to make fall less difficult. And despite the bad weather, I feel in great shape both physically and morally. Many people around me are depressed and tired. As for me, I am told that I am radiant, as if I were in love! It's been a long time since I've been this good, especially in the fall.

Plate №1 is very good for shoulder pain. My fatigue is gone. And I feel strong enough again to look for a job – I was exhausted earlier, felt pretty slack and didn’t feel like doing anything at all. Now I feel much better, calmer and the anxiety is not there anymore. Feel comfortable as a whole.

FSC (№1, №2, №3, №3, №5)

I don't know if it's the change of my place of residence (I left the capital to settle in Tours since mid-December), the FSCs or probably the combination of the two....

Anyway, it's been the 2nd time in a row that I have NOT had an ophthalmic migraine before my period (what a relief!!!!!).

And since Sunday, since I received the 2 FSCs (N°3 and N°5), I have a new energy...... surprising!

However, I only place the N°3 on my throat for 10 minutes in the morning and I drink informed water with the FSC N°2 and 1, I have not yet used the N°5, so it is somewhere in my apartment on a piece of furniture... and I already have the impression that I have less desire for chocolate (I am a little "dependent" on dark chocolate, pure cocoa) - let us say that I continue to eat more out of habit than out of real desire!

That's it, I wanted to testify to that…

FSC n2 and 4

They work for me, it's now been more than 2 years that I'm not sick.

My mother bought me them for my birthday, I probably wouldn't have bought them otherwise. Because I had doubts on whether it was a legitimate product. The description of the product is very complete but I didn't follow the instructions in the description, I drank the structured water from the FSCs and I carried it everywhere with me.

The FSCn 4 has improved my virility a lot, I'm into sports and I definitely felt an improvement in my performance.

We also started with the FSC 1 and 2... I didn't have any reaction, my husband was sick for 3 weeks! Tired, aches,  not well at all (not the flu), but then one morning he woke up in great form, then no more colds when before he has at least one per year. I guess I didn't have anything to eliminate? In any case, we do it twice per year, two months with the 1 and 2. For my mother who is 78, she had some problems with her feet, and her legs were hurting a lot. These FSCs cured her definitively in 1 month and a half. And also other pathologies that she had.

I received my FSC 4 days ago and I was waiting to give honest feedback about my experience.... The next day, suffering from eczema on my right foot and a little on my right cheek I put my foot on the FSC 2 whilst I was working at my desk... after 2 hours, it was my surprise to see my foot deflate and the eczema slowly disappear, the same for my right cheek...

Every day, my condition improves... I drink the structured water with the FSCs and in the evening, my husband coughs after each meal, I put the FSC 2 on his heart chakra: and the next day, he tells me: "I realized that I no longer cough after each meal" and indeed until now, he does not cough anymore... Today, our health seems to be improving daily slowly but surely, I hope!

I had uterine fibroids that gave me pelvic pain. Being against-medicaments person I have decided to use Koltsov plates as my friend advised me. Have been using the Koltsov plates № 1, 2, 3, 5 for a year following the instructions from user manual. An ultrasound scan this January didn’t show any pathology in my uterus. Amazing! During the use I experienced better sleep, good stable mood. When a tooth ache caused an inflammation of a lymph node, I applied the FSC №2 for two days, and it was gone.

I can confirm that the kolstov plates are an efficient help, you don't need to have tens and tens of them and the choice is personal, you can even decide according to your date of birth, Scientific Sergei Kolstov affirms that it is not actually the universal panacea but an appliance of Nikolas Tesla theories on scalar waves, so a huge advancement for quantic science and a unique method to find health, well-being. They are like a permanent assistant for your body and mind. We need them in these times of chaos.

I think that with the FSC and the Salvator that it's already very powerful. We are enchanted by them... Initially, we were really sceptical, it took us a while before ordering FSC 1 and 2. More than 2 years later, we are completely addicted, we will be purchasing the Code of gobi and Thaumaturge then we will stop… We would like to thank all the people who give their testimonials that helped us to embark on this adventure.

FSCs 1 & 2 much better than dewormers! I use it with my son, I drink 1 bottle of  structured water from FSC 1 in the morning & 1 bottle from FSC 2 water in the evening.

My son manages just fine with the FSCs.

They are a part of him, he sleeps with FSC Healthy generation, he carries FSC12 around all day, He takes his shower with FSC anti-stress…

I drink every day a bottle of water from FSC 1 in the morning, a bottle of FSC 2 in the afternoon and no more worries about parasites! ITS MAGIC

Review of FSC Thaumaturge: Against all expectations, this Koltsov plate helped me to find sleep again. I fix it on my lower back for the night and I sleep for 8 hours without interruption which hasn't happened to me for a very long time.

Hello, 1 and 2 surprisingly calmed down a lot of my pains in my legs, I was surprised of how quick it worked, I read that the fsc 2 is really good for pain killing.

For my part, since I started to use FSC Thaumaturge, my Reiki treatment became more powerful. It is very obvious and my clients confirm it to me, it's really good to be able to help someone out.

Hello, I give some structured water from the FSC Anti-parasite to my animals and since then, no more fleas or tics, incredible!! It's a great natural solution to protect our animals.

I am satisfied, I think the FSCs acts well on all of the organism, but it takes a while to feel the benefits. FSC n2 helps me digest better, and I tested FSC 1 I structured the wine, the result the taste is much better, without acidity. FSC 5 helps clean deeper organs such as pancreas or liver.

I bought FSC 2 and 3 8 months ago.

At a certain age we undergo great transformations of body and mind - menopause is very, very unpleasant!

I had several periods of blues with hot flashes, pain everywhere, feelings of fainting and enormous fatigue. I gained 7 kilos without eating more. In short, I became depressed and started taking medication to fight all this. That's about the picture of my situation when I heard about functional state correctors. Without expecting much help from them I bought the FSC N2 and N3.

Gradually, in two months to be exact, things got better. The hot flashes and feelings of fainting, which prevented me from sleeping, became spaced, shortened and finally faded (what a relief). I have regained strength and the pleasure of living with all these overwhelming hormonal changes.

 Today I am convinced of its beneficial actions!

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