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FSC « Bacalar. Cenotes of Ukatan » promotes:

  • Broadening and deepening the knowledge, professional skills in science, esoterics, etc.

  • Increasing mastery, “polishing,” and the manifestation of all aspects of human potential

  • Discovery and further transition of talents and abilities from the subconscious to the physical level: revealing the gifts of healing, the ability to communicate with animals, the musical talent, etc.

  • Discovery of ancient, innermost knowledge to empower the spiritual heart; they contain the keys of the past to Soul-level healing

  • Moral support in finding one’s path, choosing a profession, changing the field of professional activity, etc.

  • Realization of talent to the fullest potential, enhancing the user’s skill level

  • Intuition development

  • Improvement of communication skills, mastering the art of convincing

  • Saturating the user with the energy of the Earth


FSC « Bacalar. Cenotes of Ukatan » :

  • Gives a strong sense of stability in life, let feel solid ground under the feet, thereby opening up the energy of the expression of accomplishments at the material level

  • Promotes well-being through the acceptance and development of talents

  • Enables its user to control his/her actions through the expression of the willpower

  • Helps bring dreams and desires for material things to life, breaks mind restrictions

  • Aimed at the realization of the soul experiences of past incarnations in the current life

  • Fully harmonizes the environment, giving each person the opportunity to manifest and realize his/her talents and abilities

At the core cellular-informational level, the FSC « Bacalar. Cenotes of Ukatan »   helps the body cope with various disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous systems.

The Koltsov plate « Bacalar. Cenotes of Ukatan »   promotes:

  • Better cellular metabolism, weight loss.

  • Cleansing the body of toxins. Water structured on this FSC has a strong sorption effect

  • Regulation of the water-salt balance and the resulting reduction in swelling

  • Improvement of thyroid function

  • Normalization of the nervous and muscular tissue

  • Decrease of nervous tension, better sleep

  • Improvement of skin conditions

Recommendations for the use of FSC « Bacalar. Cenotes of Ukatan »  

This Functional State Corrector is activated steadily, with the spiritual growth of its user.
You can align yourself with this FSC in the following way: put the Koltsov plate on the 6th energy centre (the area of the 3rd eye) and then put it on the area of the thymus gland between the 4th and 5th energy centres and stay in the state of inner contemplation for several minutes. In this state, you can ask a question, express an intention. After the align session, it is desirable to drink 100-200 ml of water structured on this FSC.

The FSC « Bacalar. Cenotes of Ukatan » diffuses the information of the water of the Witch’s Cenote (Aware of Ancient Knowledge), Bacalar Lagoon, Yucatan, Mexico.

Water takes 6 hours to be structured using koltsov plate « Bacalar. Cenotes of Ukatan ».


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